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Lokayukta, BJP, Lokpal bill, Anna Hazare

Why Anna Hazare's anti-corruption crusade is a dud

Not all well-meaning citizens will appreciate the social activist's repeated indefinite hunger strikes.


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Congress, Karnataka, Lokayukta, Siddaramaiah

Karnataka can't afford to have a 'headless' Lokayukta

Creation of Anti-Corruption Bureau has led to unrest in the state, particularly among the anti-corruption crusaders.


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Karnataka, Lokayukta, Justice Bhaskar Rao

Bhaskar Rao's exit will leave Karnataka Lokayukta in a rut

Finding the right candidate for the now vacant post will be a gargantuan task for the Congress government.


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Karnataka, Justice Bhaskar Rao, Lokayukta

How Lokayukta Bhaskar Rao is holding Karnataka to ransom

No amount of pressure from the civil society and activists seems to be bothering the judge, who is facing a corruption charge.