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Crocodile, Man-animal conflict, Reptile, Man-Animal Relation

130 years of love: How the story of crocodile Gangaram offers all of us hope

Loved and tended by 'his' village, Gangaram, the peaceful crocodile, made place for bathers and attacked no one. Similarly, no one assailed Gangaram and after his rich, long life, his village gave him a loving send-off.


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Man-Animal Relation, Pilibhit Tiger Reserve

A Pilibhit tiger’s letter to humans

If it has come to the level of species shaming, let me remind you the jungle has a law of co-existence that all creatures adhere to. You are the ones killing your own.


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Tiger Kills Man, Maqsood, Man-Animal Relation, Tiger Vs Man

Tigers have more reasons to fear man

Because men have killed them to near-extinction.