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Delhi HC delivers split verdict on marital rape. What is the case?

Once again the case about marital rape has reached nowhere, except for more delays and hearings. Here is all about the case.


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Karnatakahighcourtmaritalrape, Maritalrape, Karnatakahighcourt

Karnataka HC’s bold statement on marital rape doesn’t strike down the exception

The Karnataka High Court’s statement on marital rape is winning the hearts of many. But the statement neither punishes the perpetrator nor strikes down the dangerous exception of law.


 |  2-minute read
Delhi High Court, Tea and consent, Maritalrape

What is consent? Delhi High Court sees a simple video on tea during marital rape hearing

What is consent? As the friend of the court, the amicus curiae had a simple video to show to the Delhi High Court during a hearing on marital rape.