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Pakistani terrorists, Bjp in lok sabha, Masood Azhar, Global terrorism

After ‘Global Terrorist’ Masood Azhar, what next for Pakistan?

Srijana Mitra Das speaks to Gaurav Sawant on the implications of the 'Global Terrorist' tag


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Terrorism, Un sanction, China, Masood Azhar

Masood Azhar Designated Global Terrorist: Why this is better than sanctions against Hafiz Saeed

The world community, including China, recognising Masood Azhar as an international terrorist fixes Pakistan’s responsibility in the Pulwama attack. The move could also boost BJP’s prospects now.


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Masood Azhar, Balakot, Pakistan, Taha siddiqui

Taha Siddiqui: 'India hit JeM in Balakot, forced China to change Masood Azhar stand. Imran Khan's a puppet PM. If Jaish is touched, there'll be a backlash'

Taha Siddiqui is an award-winning Pakistani journalist living in Paris, due to a threat to his life in Pakistan. Founder of safenewsrooms.org, Siddiqui spoke with Rohit E David on the Masood Azhar ban, Balakot and if a jihadi backlash may follow now.


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China, FATF, Pakistan, Pulwama terrorist attack

Masood Azhar 'Global Terrorist': Does the designation realistically mean anything? And what should India do now?

UN has blacklisted the Jaish-e-Mohammed (JeM) head after China lifted its restrictions on the move. However, what does it actually mean for India?


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Masood Azhar, China, Pakistan, Imran Khan

Imran Khan, Wake Up: Why is Pakistan's PM silent over Pakistani girls reportedly being smuggled by Chinese men?

Will Islamabad dare to take up the issue of Pakistani woman reportedly being sold for forcible marriages with Beijing?


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China backing pak terrorism, CPEC, Masood Azhar, Jaish-e-mohammed

Tighten noose around JeM

Pakistan has adroitly played its cards — with respect to the US in the past, and China in the present. However, terrorism is fungible.


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China-Pak Relations, China backing pak terrorism, Uighur muslims in xinjiang, Masood Azhar

Two Kinds of Terror: Why China saves Masood Azhar but takes harsh action against Uighur Muslims in Xinjiang

While it goes after an entire community, incarcerating Uighurs reportedly in concentration camps, China shields a self-confessed terrorist. Why the double standards?


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China backing pak terrorism, UNSC, Masood Azhar, China-Pakistan

After shielding Masood Azhar: Parroting 'peace' won't make China a peacenik ever

China's support to Pakistan in protecting the terrorist JeM chief has changed all the rules of engagement between India and China.


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Security Council, Masood Azhar, UNSC, China

China shielding terrorist Masood Azhar is predictable. The world supporting India has been greatly heartening

By choosing to stand with Pakistan's top terrorists, China has chosen to isolate itself from the world. India has emerged as a rallying point and must use this moment well.


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UNSC, Pulwama, Masood Azhar, Indo-China ties

Great Wall of India: How we can punish China for its Masood Azhar slight, and its attempt to interfere in our elections

China has delivered a blow to the bilateral relationship with its support to terrorist Masood Azhar and tried to meddle in our elections by spiting Narendra Modi, There are strong steps India can take to avenge this.