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Child birth, Maternal Health, Midwives, Midwivesday

Why the role of midwives in health systems is more imperative now

On International Midwives Day today, it is important to highlight that midwives and midwifery care services are vital to ensure the quality and continuity of essential sexual, reproductive, maternal and newborn services.


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Maternal Health, Healthcare, Tribals, Women

What good is India's growth story if mothers and children are dying of hunger?

There is a deliberate attempt to hide and deny the numerous problems by a government anxious to build India’s image as powerful.


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Maternal Health, Family Planning

Nothing must stop India from giving family planning the Budget it deserves

Deaths due to botched-up family planning operations reflect the lack of quality of women's healthcare.


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Maternal Health, Chhattisgarh Sterilisation Deaths

Stop leaving our mothers to suffer and die

Safe maternity and child care is a basic medical service to which all women have a right, but we have not been able to ensure it even after sizeable investment has been made.