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 |  3-minute read
Love, Depression, Mentalhealthawareness

How depression affected my perception of love

Depression makes you believe you are inconsequential. It makes you believe that your absence won't actually cause any difference to this universe or to your family and friends.


 |  4-minute read
Depression, Emotional intelligence, Mentalhealthawareness

Why it is important to be emotionally intelligent

People with a high level of emotional stability have a higher chance of coming out of depression naturally.


 |  5-minute read
Psychological health, Armed Forces, Stress, Mentalhealthawareness

Why focus on mental health and staying together is critical in these trying times

In recent times, environmental stress, financial pressures, family commitments, unrealistic professional expectations and a host of other stressors are manifesting in people of all ages and walks of life.


 |  8-minute read
Mentalhealthawareness, Chennaiexpress, Jnuprotest, Chhapaak

How Deepika Padukone gave Bollywood a hero to look up to

From experimenting with roles in the movies, to standing up for social causes in real life, Deepika has all it takes to be our shero.