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 |  2-minute read
Social media reactions, Twitter Trolls, Twitter memes, Met gala 2019

Why Priyanka Chopra's 'RSS shorts' have got everyone's knickers in a knot!

Priyanka Chopra recently donned a pair of khaki shorts and got trolled for dressing the 'RSS way'. But PeeCee doesn't care. Do you know why?


 |  5-minute read
Quantico, Stardom, Internet trolls, Met gala 2019

Priyanka Chopra and her Met Gala dress: No, this was not fashion ka jalwa. To me, it showed a worried desi girl

Once upon a time, Priyanka Chopra showed India the power of confident reinvention. Why isn't she moving her game up now?


 |  4-minute read
Millennials, Marriage, Relationships, Heartbreak

What Priyanka Chopra Showed at Met Gala: What PeeCee has that no one else does

Thank you, Priyanka, for teaching us to be your kind of badass!


 |  3-minute read
Online trolling, Twitter Trolls, Nick jonas, Met Gala

Priyanka Chopra at the Met Gala: PeeCee causes shockwaves, but hey trolls, this is cutting-edge fashion, not your local shaadi!

Clearly, those trolling the fearless Priyanka Chopra know zero about the Met Gala. Or fashion!