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Mughal cuisine, Dessert, Festive season, Shahi tukda

Daily Recco, October 30: Shahi Tukda, a bite of royalty

Shahi Tukda is a succulent dessert that shows the ingeniousness of the Mughal khansamahs. Every slice of this dessert is crispy bread soaked in the creaminess of sweet condensed milk, and a straight transport to heaven.


 |  Food Fables  |  6-minute read
Sweet tooth, Mughal cuisine, Rampur, Phirni

Not kheer, Rampuri gulathhi is fereni but with a twist

The rich milk and rice sweet dish, gulathhi, finds no mention in ancient recipe books but here, it plays an important celebratory cuisine in a love story.


 |  Food Fables  |  8-minute read
Feast, Food industry, Mughal cuisine, Qaliya

Of Taar Roti and Qaliya: The sense and sensual about dipping into a bowl of hot curry!

The taste is not too fiery, the spices are never overbearing and there is a sublime smoothness to the curry — that's what a perfect taar roti and qaliya meal feels like in Rampur!