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Narcotics, Drugs, Neet and jee exams, Sushant Singh Rajput

DailyOh! Why CBI isn’t initiating ‘immediate action’ in Rhea Chakraborty’s drugs chat

What were the four drops Jaya Shah wanted Rhea to mix in coffee, tea or water?


 |  6-minute read
Drug abuse in school students, Alcohol Addiction, Drug Addiction, Drug Abuse

The age of haze: From weed to vaping, how our school kids are getting stoned today

Drug cartels have set their eyes on our teens today, and these young students are increasingly vulnerable to substance abuse, owing to peer pressure and parental neglect.


 |  2-minute read
Narcotics, Drugs, Punjab, Captain Amarinder Singh

Why Captain Amarinder is finding it difficult to deal with Punjab's drug problem

The Punjab CM wants a 'national policy' to check the smuggling of narcotics across the India-Pakistan border and from neighbouring states.


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Narcotics, Legalisation, Cannabis, Marijuana

High hopes: Who are the people who want marijuana legalised in India?

There is a joint effort in place.


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Heroin, Opium, Udta Punjab, Rajasthan

Why is no one talking about Udta Rajasthan?

It's not Punjab alone that is awash with drugs, border districts in Rajasthan are facing a similar problem