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Pakistan, Manmohan Singh, Gujarat Assembly elections, Narendra Modi

Gujarat elections: Modi has put India in danger by raising Pakistan bogey

The prime minister remains unconcerned about his crass language that doesn’t go well with the high office he is holding.


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Gujarat Assembly elections: 9 things I learnt from the campaign battlefield

If Congress hopes to defeat BJP, they will have to fight every election as if their life depends on it. That’s the only way Modi and Shah know how to fight elections.


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Can India avoid the looming catastrophe?

The Modi government is ignorant of the impact of the fourth industrial revolution.


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Narendra Modi, Pakistan terror, Manmohan Singh, 26/11 Mumbai attack

Is PM Modi wrong to allege that Manmohan Singh did not punish Pakistan for 26/11 attacks?

The then government felt the benefits of not attacking Pakistan outweighed those of attacking it.


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Gujarat Assembly elections: 10 major takeaways

An election, which seemed like a comfortable walk along the lovely Sabarmati riverfront for the BJP, is going down to the wire.


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Manmohan Singh pained, anguished by Modi's lies: Read ex-PM's fitting response

Prime minister has alleged a secret meeting was attended by senior Pakistan officials, former PM and former VP in Delhi to scuttle BJP from winning Gujarat.


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Mani Shankar Aiyar, Pakistan officials, Manmohan Singh, Narendra Modi

PM Modi insinuating ex-PM Manmohan Singh conspired with Pakistan over Gujarat polls is shameful

Prime minister's slanderous allegations against his predecessor and his routine half-truths are turning political opponents into anti-nationals.


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Rajasthan man hacked and burnt alive: Muslims are no longer safe in India

The most important question is why Narendra Modi is ignoring the spate of crimes against minority communities.