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Education in india, GDP, National education policy, Nep2020

Why NEP may not be easy to implement

The 6% GDP annual expenditure on (higher) education sounds more 'ambitious'.


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Ministry of human resource and development, Braille language, Visually impaired persons, National education policy

Totally in the dark: Draft National Education Policy 2019 doesn't do much that's needed by children with challenges

The draft education policy is absolutely crucial in terms of bringing children with challenges into education and empowering them. But it doesn't go much beyond ramps and washrooms.


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Brahminism, Harappan civilisation, Three-language formula, National education policy

Skipping The Biggest Lesson: BJP’s draft National Education Policy tries to compete with madrasas, misses crucial learning

The policy pays no attention to teaching children the dignity of labour. This lesson is a must though for any society which wants to grow and be developed.