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 |  Shorts In The Dark  |  6-minute read
Noida, New Delhi, Flats, Construction

Our own Bangla-Desh: We Indians want to build our houses from scratch. And one house just isn't enough

Construction is testimony to doing well in life. That's why you won't find a single spot in the nation where there isn't construction work, materials being transported, the sounds of a drill.


 |  6-minute read
New Delhi, India, Pakistan, Refugees

'We led a life worse than a dog in Pakistan': Hindu refugees from Sindh, Pakistan, now in Delhi, India

Speaking with Rohit E David, Hindu refugees who escaped from Pakistan recount the terrible conditions they faced there, conversion, discrimination and flesh trade, why Hindus are targeted thus and Narendra Modi vs Imran Khan.


 |  The Castaways  |  4-minute read
New Delhi, India Art Fair, Gallery ske, Sunil padwal

Wherein lies continue: An antidote to emptiness via canvases full of memories

Sunil Padwal exhibited his solo work last month prior to the Art Fair. For him, objects, from an old radio to clothes hangers, evoke fleeting memories, emotions and worlds we once inhabited.


 |  Shorts In The Dark  |  4-minute read
Music, Soundcloud, New Delhi, Music bands

How three men are defining music in Delhi

These are men who have redefined men in a city of harshness, of unpleasantness.


 |  4-minute read
Uttar Pradesh, Law  order, Gun violence, New Delhi

Flying BMWs to gun battles at a five-star: Why Delhi is the coolest city in India

Everything of this story smells of Delhi — a gun, a BMW, expletives and a politician's son. What more do we need?


 |  6-minute read
Poetry, Love songs, New Delhi

5 New Delhi love songs: Why Dilli inspires me to write poetry

Where else in the world do smoke and dust distort the setting sun in such interesting ways?


 |  5-minute read
Address, New Delhi, Delhi

Only in Delhi do you get judged for where you live

You need to prove that you are worth spending a single syllable on.


 |  3-minute read
Rains, John Kerry, New Delhi

Delhi rains: Did you guys use boats to come here? Twitter agrees with anti-national John Kerry

All in good humour.


 |  2-minute read
Road rage, New Delhi

When Delhi stole the phone of a man bleeding to death on the streets

Remember the time when we gave two hoots about a fellow human being in pain and took him to the nearest hospital?


 |  1-minute read
Smart city, Traffic, Gurugram, Gurgaon

Why Delhi is as bad as Gurugram during rains

A motorcyclist was killed in the capital after falling into a pothole and getting run over by a tanker.