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Hate Crime, Racism, Delhi, Nigerians

Nigerian getting tied and beaten up is just another shameful day in Delhi

India’s history of being racist to black-skinned men and women is both shameful and excruciatingly long.


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Africans, Nigerians, Racial Attacks

In the age of beating Africans, white skin still lords over Indians

We are not racist, even though we behave racist all the times.


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Racism, Nigerians, Afrophobia, Greater Noida

Our landlady called a Kenyan baby a 'bad omen': That's how racist Indians are

My experience has led me to believe we, as a nation, need to change our attitude.


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Greater Noida, Racism, Nigerians

Indians are racist but Nigerians made me feel at home in their country

Having moved to Nigeria recently, I find the people here warm and accepting.


 |  4-minute read
Racial Attacks, Greater Noida, Nigerians, Afrophobia

Attacks on Africans: India must get rid of its prejudices

The restive crowd in Greater Noida must not forget there are more than 2 lakh Indians living in Nigeria alone.


 |  6-minute read
Greater Noida, Afrophobia, Nigerians, Racism

Racist attack on African students in Greater Noida is both sad and hypocritical

As black students share clips of violence, placards saying ‘Nigerian-free Noida’ have been reportedly seen.