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Budget 2020: Finance Minister's push on e-learning is the need of the hour

Technology-based learning can be a game-changer, generating huge resources not just through the needs of India but also from a global viewpoint.


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Budget 2020: Govt admits economic growth may not pick up soon

The first budget of the new decade could have been more promising in the bleak times of economic slowdown.


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Agricultural reforms, Economicgrowth, Nirmalasitharaman, Budget2020

Budget 2020: Govt’s cohesive vision for economic reforms

Union Budget 2020-21 is not merely a statement of government expenditure and receipts, but pursues a holistic vision of well-being.


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2020: A Do-or Die Budget for the Indian government

India Today Group Editor-in-Chief talks about the Indian economy, which is in the midst of a prolonged slowdown, in the January 27 edition of the India Today Magazine.


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Economiccrisis, Nirmalasitharaman, Debtfinancing, Realestatecrisis

Will the government's big real estate revival plan help the cash-strapped sector?

The housing sector has been affected by serious cash-flow problems and insolvency-related issues.