Noise Pollution



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Beaching, Noise Pollution, Pollution, Dolphin

Why beaching of whales and dolphins should worry us all

Pollution caused by us could be a reason for the 'suicides' committed by the cetaceans.


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Noise Pollution, Rajpath, Protest banned, Jantar Mantar

NGT ban on dharnas at Jantar Mantar forgets protests must be heard far and wide

The protest site is a constant reminder that democracy, though diluted, is alive.


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Narendra Modi, Amit Shah, Bombay High Court, Judiciary

Pandering to religion, Maharashtra government checkmated by judge

Noise pollution, whether from deafening Ganpati processions or the pre-dawn azaan on loudspeakers, must end.


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Devendra Fadnavis, Noise Pollution, Horn Ban, Maharashtra Ban

Maharashtra bans 'Horn OK Please' on trucks. Twitter drives the jokes

A circular has been issued on banning the use of the phrase on the rear side of commercial vehicles as 'it encourages people to honk every time you pass a truck or tempo'.