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Covid, Northkorea, Kimjongun, Covidinnorthkorea

North Korea finally admits to Covid outbreak, deaths. Why now?

For the first time since the pandemic struck the world, North Korea has accepted that there is a Covid crisis in the country and has imposed a nationwide lockdown.


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Southkorea, Northkoreakimyojong, Northkoreakimjongunsister, Kimjongunsister

Kim Jong-un's sister Kim Yo-jong threatens South Korea: 10 points on the Dictator's sister

North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un's sister Kim Yo-jong has spoken up after a while. And her first words were 'scum' and 'annihilation'.


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Hwasong17, Northkoreamissiletest, Northkoreamissilelaunch, Kimjongun

Latest from North Korea: Kim Jong-un's warning, a music video and a missile launch

North Korea recently launched a nuclear missile test. The world is worried and nervous. But how powerful is the new missile?


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Southkorea, Unitedstates, Kimjongun, Northkoreamissiletest

North Korea tests 7th missile in a month, but should the world pay attention?

North Korea wants the world to know of its existence. It has done a great job of making heads turn with a seventh missile test in a month. But what does it all mean?


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Kimjongun, Kdramas, Kpop, Executedforwatchingkpop

Not just Squid Game, KPop can also get you killed in North Korea

At least 7 people were executed in North Korea in the past decade for watching or smuggling KPop and K dramas, a report said. Here's why Kim Jong-un is afraid of KPop.


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Death penalty, Kim Jong-un, Squidgame, Northkorea

In North Korea, watch Squid Game and it's game over for you

A Korean man sentenced to death, one student sentenced to life imprisonment, six for five years of hard labour. All this because they saw the South Korean hit show Squid Game.