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Cyclones in india, Naveen Patnaik, Odisha, Cyclone fani

Cyclone Fani Makes Landfall in Puri: With Fani in Odisha cancelling trains, dislocating millions, CM Naveen Patnaik faces a huge challenge

Cyclone Fani made landfall in Odisha’s Puri at 8:30 a.m IST at a wind speed of 185 km/hr. So far, it's had over a million people shifted to relief camps, trains cancelled, and all flights, including via neighbouring Kolkata, stopped.


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Odisha temples, Odisha, Temple, Chausathi jogini temple

The ‘wish goddesses’ grant what you want. Just whisper it into their ears at the Chausathi Jogini Temple in Odisha

If you offer your soul and speak your heart, they say the Yoginis listen.


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Freedom of Expression, Konark temple, Odisha, Abhijit iyer mitra

Abhijit Iyer-Mitra’s case shows the ‘mental’ in our Fundamental Right

In fact, Indians don’t have freedom of expression. They have a privilege, which can at any time be brutally crushed, by the state or the mob.


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Harendra singh, Sport, Odisha, Bhubaneswar

What we can expect from 2018 Men's Hockey World Cup

Despite missing several key players, there is hope for India in the World Cup that is being held in Bhubaneswar.


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Karni Sena, Padmaavat, Odisha, Kalinga sena

Why Shah Rukh Khan must pay for 'Asoka'. Just not the way the Kalinga Sena wants

Here's what the Kalinga Sena can do instead of throwing ink and waving black flags.


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Elephant corridor, Man elephant conflict, Human elephant conflict, High tension power line

How to kill 7 elephants: You just need electric wire and a callous administration. Look at Dhenkanal, Odisha

The national heritage animal deserves more than the callousness being meted out.


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Biryani, Odisha, Bengal, Rosogolla

Not just the rasgulla. Here are other food items we Indians love to fight over

A roshogolla from any other state does not taste just as sweet.


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Odisha, Roshogulla, Rafale, Abhijit iyer mitra

Why I believe Abhijit Iyer-Mitra is collateral damage of a bigger political play

Does it behove the dignity of a legislative Assembly to go after an individual?


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Assembly Polls, Odisha, BJD, BJP

Why Baijayant Panda quitting BJD could be a game-changer for BJP in Odisha

The leader may well pose a serious challenge to Naveen Patnaik in the upcoming Assembly polls in 2019.


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POSCO, Naveen Pattanaik, Baijayant Jay Panda, Odisha

Suspending Jay Panda from BJD may hurt Naveen Patnaik's prospects in 2019 Assembly polls

For the BJP, with whom the BJD’s Lok Sabha MP from Kendrapara enjoys a cosy relationship, the political scenario is pregnant with great possibilities.