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 |  17-minute read
Liberal mafia, Liberal intolerance, Liberals exposed, Open letter to pm

Who's afraid of Jai Shri Ram? Only the false liberal brigade whose hypocrisy is clearly showing now

For years, Indians faced a powerful narrative of 'backward' Hindutva and 'victim' Muslims, despite contrary facts. The 49 celebrities writing to PM Modi on intolerance show the same hypocrisy.


 |  6-minute read
Open letter to pm, Bjp narendra modi, Liberal mafia, Liberals in india

The Liberal Mafia: Entitled, assertive and vindictive, the liberal gang of India is deeply biased

Most liberals in India flout the tenets of true liberalism but take a ‘holier-than-thou’ stance on issues that ruffle their interests. The 49 letter-writers addressing PM Modi are the same.