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Government negligence, Oxygen shortage, Migrants labourers, Covidsecondwave

Why India needs a new pathway to conquer Covid 2.0

The Indian mutant is perhaps the most calamitous form of the Coronavirus yet known. It has tested the limits of our healthcare system, our administration and our resolution to take decisive actions in a short time.


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Rabindranath Tagore, Duraimurugan, MK Stalin, Oxygen shortage

DailyOh! Covid unleashes a new fungal horror, to how Delhi Police busted oxygen racket

Famous eateries in the national capital have been found hoarding hundreds of oxygen concentrators and selling them in black at exorbitant rates.


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Covid-19, Delhi coronavirus outbreak, Oxygen shortage, Covidsecondwave

How the tragic reality of oxygen crisis in Delhi unfolded in Covid 2.0

Delhi is on SOS mode ever since the unfolding of the medical oxygen crisis in the second wave of the Covid pandemic.


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Oxygen shortage, Children dying, Gorakhpur hospital tragedy, Yogi Adityanath

Adityanath doesn't care about children dying in UP. Winning elections, cows and Hindutva matter more

The CM's priorities seem to have shifted from his constituency to being a rabble-rouser in poll-bound states.