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Pakistan air force, Fighter jets, Trump meets imran, F-16

USA, Pakistan and the F-16: What lies behind US's $125 mn military sales to Pakistan to monitor F-16s

As in 1979 and in 2001, once again, a crisis in Afghanistan has allowed Pakistan to reset its relations with the US.


 |  3-minute read
Pakistan air force, Indian Air Force, China, Balakot air strike

Pakistan had no intel about Balakot: How Pakistan is now amping up its surveillance

The strength of IAF and PAF can't be compared. But China's co-operation in upgrading JK-17 — a kind-of hybrid of MiG21 and F-16 — is significant.


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Pakistan air force, Indian Air Force, Indian air force surgical strike

MIG 29 vs F 16, Mirage vs Chengdu, Sukhoi vs Thunder: Comparing India and Pakistan's deadliest aircraft

A round-up of the best aircraft that the Indian and Pakistani air forces possess.