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Period, Swamiji khrushnaswarup das, Menstruation

Stop this dog fight and listen to Swamiji. Menstruation starts with men

Swamiji Krushnaswarup Dasji's words have outraged the liberals who think girls of menstruating age menstruate and refuse to acknowledge that the word menstruation begins with men, who decide what women can touch and when.


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Jason momoa, Black Panther, Period, Oscars 2019

Oscars 2019: 5 times we laughed and cried

From Trump's hair to Jason Momoa's hair band, here's how the Oscar showcased its crazier side!


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India, Taboo, Period, Menstrual Hygiene

'First Period' director tells us why mothers still don't talk to daughters about menstrual hygiene

I hope it stirs you to tell your daughters that periods are a normal bodily function for girls. Just like urinating is.