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 |  2-minute read
Photo essay, Board Exams, Jammu and Kashmir, Kashmir

How Kashmir waits for its next generation to take the test

[Photo essay] Things may have overtly calmed down considerably, but one can sense an underlying current of tension and fear.


 |  3-minute read
Photo essay, Delhi, Photography, Animals

[Photo essay] Where streets accept stray animals as their own

It is the public closeness of lives between human and animal, which is most surprising to an outsider like me.


 |  An American in Mumbai  |  4-minute read
Photo essay, Mumbai, Bombay, Photography

What photographing Bombay streets taught me about myself

Tables turn when despite being the photographer, I actually become the one being watched.


 |  An American in Mumbai  |  3-minute read
Mamata Banerjee, Photo essay, West Bengal

Why Kolkata's Dhakuria bridge's blue and white makeover is absurd

[Photo essay] Painting a crumbling death-trap-waiting-to-happen shatters the absurdity meter in my brain.


 |  An American in Mumbai  |  2-minute read
PDA, Mumbai, Photo essay

[Photo essay] Why Bombay's Bandstand is notoriously charming at low tide

Intimacy, extremely taboo in India, is expressed quite openly at the Bandra suburb.


 |  An American in Mumbai  |  2-minute read
Photo essay, Cancer, Children

Why two Italians made a stopover in Mumbai on a road trip to Japan

[Photo essay] Cousins Luca and Andrea visited St Jude India ChildCare Centres to do some good along the way.


 |  An American in Mumbai  |  1-minute read
Photo essay, United States, Pacific Northwest

[Photo essay] So long, Pacific Northwest

Here is what I saw during my travels through Oregon, Washington, and Idaho.


 |  Life  |  1-minute read
Photo essay, HP, Monsoon

Look at the world just after rain

A pictorial journey in the meadows by Laka Glacier at the foot of Moon Peak in Himachal Pradesh.


 |  An American in Mumbai  |  5-minute read
Life, Streets, Photo essay

How India let me photograph the story of its streets

My interest in street photography, in all its raw and rugged glory, was reawakened during a recent trip to Kolkata.


 |  5-minute read
Book Extract, Photo essay, Literature, The Heat And Dust Project

[Photo essay] Why we must travel India to really understand it

[Book extract] The truth about this journey is, in fact, inscribed in the peculiar grainy feel of the bare hours.