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Physically challenged, Handicapped, Census 2011, Disabled in india

Census 2011 ignored 60 million disabled people. Will Census 2021 be any better?

Various census and surveys have repeatedly been criticised for under-representing the population of persons with disabilities in India.


 |  3-minute read
Disability, Physically challenged, Golmaal unlimited fun, Shah Rukh Khan

From ‘andha’ to ‘langda,’ Bollywood movies normalised abuse against people with physical challenges. Will 'Zero' turn the tide?

This ‘normalised’ mockery, courtesy the silver screen, has become so everyday that most of us fail to understand how long ago we've crossed the line of decency.


 |  4-minute read
PM Narendra Modi, Divyang, Physically challenged, Wheelchair

GST will make life harder for the physically challenged

Sadly very few voices in the media can be heard in support of the divyang.