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Radio kaos, English rock music band, Pink Floyd, Rogerwaters

Roger Waters: The septuagenarian firebrand

Roger Waters is 77. He is still selling out concerts around the world. He is a loud voice on human rights issues — sometimes aggravating and occasionally troublemaking.


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Pink Floyd, Roger waters, David gilmour

My summer of '88 with Dave Gilmour & Pink Floyd

We wanted to see the action up close, see the expressions of the musicians and have an intimate connect with the band.


 |  3-minute read
FTII, Pink Floyd, Gajendra Chauhan

Only good thing to come out of FTII protests till now: student creativity

They have come up with innovative and peaceful ways to speak out against the appointment of Gajendra Chauhan as the institute's chairman.


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Division Bell, Endlesss River, Pink Floyd

Pink Floyd is dead. Long live Pink Floyd

The new album will be essentially refurbished music they recorded during The Division Bell.