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Mehul Choksi, Prince Harry, Covishield vs covaxin, Pm speech

DailyOh! PM Modi announces free Covid vaccine for all

In his address to the nation, PM Modi announced that from June 21, states will be given vaccines free of cost to inoculate everyone above the age of 18.


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Pm speech, Doctors Assault, Coronavirus in india, Covid-19

Doctors don't need thaalis and torchlight. Give them some dignity

Doctors, who we glorify as "incarnations of God" and bang thaalis for, are now being assaulted, spat at and even denied a decent burial.


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Work from home, Pm speech, Ramayana, Lockdown2.0

Lockdown humour: Fighting a war in pyjamas

Till the lockdown ceases and the infections subside, we have no choice but to remain at home and it’s probably for the better. However, there is always a bright side to things.


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Economic impact of coronavirus, Pm speech, Lockdown extended, Lockdowninindia

Health over economic emergency: India's choice

In the fight between lives and livelihoods, the Indian government has adopted the approach of saving lives and tackling with the Covid-19 health emergency.


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Coronavirus in india, Migrant labourers, Pm speech, Lockdown extended

Lockdown Diary Of A Teenager: What PM Modi's Lockdown 2.0 speech meant to different people

While teenagers rejoiced at the news of extended lockdown, expressions of parents were like a melodramatic scene from a Bollywood film.


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Independence day 2018, Lynchings, Pm speech, Narendra Modi

The PM did not speak of lynchings in his Independence Day speech. It is time we start speaking up

When the political class abandons its responsibilities, civil society needs to step up.


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India at 71, Government schemes, Pm speech, Independence day 2018

Things you won't find about India in PM Modi's Independence Day speech

Don't let the stream of live coverage fool you into wasting your time with someone else's 'fact-checks'. It's your Independence Day, reclaim it.