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Police Firing, Anti-sterlite protests, Snowlin murder, Tuticorin killings

Sterlite police firing: J Snowlin is dead, but Tuticorin is not defeated

Days after the police brutality, terror looms large across the town and villages surrounding the Sterlite plant.


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Police Firing, Vedanta sterlite, Tamil Nadu, Tuticorin

Don't allow them to justify the killing of Tuticorin protesters in the name of development

The incident threatens the very ethos of our democracy.


 |  8-minute read
Gaza, Kashmir, Police Firing, Tuticorin

Why the image of man in a yellow shirt with a sniper shooting at Tuticorin protesters will haunt us

As in Gaza, or in Kashmir, police firing seems to be almost always done to shoot and kill.


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Sterlite Copper, Protests, Police Firing, Pollution

How the peaceful protests at Tuticorin against Sterlite Copper turned bloody on 100th day

At least 11 civilians have died in the clashes between protesters and police.


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Uttar Pradesh, Police Firing, Lawyers, Allahabad

Allahabad lawyer killing shows how khaki is above the law

All-India advocates' strike fails to have any impact on rising police impunity.