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Politics, Trade, Religion, Laxminama

Laxminama: How religion and trade shaped each other, and human civilisation

[Book extract] Business in India blossomed always in tune with liberal religious thought, where profit and credit had its sanction in all religious texts.


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Politics, Kerala nun rape, Chruch, Bishop franco mulakkal

Kerala nun rape case: Why Bishop Franco Mulakkal’s bail is 'untenable'

One can only hope the investigation doesn’t lose pace and the chargesheet is filed at the earliest for the trial to commence sooner than later


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Politics, Cow Vigilantism, Cow, India

Is India going mad? I have 10 reasons to think so

Cow is our mother; cow urine can cure cancer; Congress has Brahmin DNA. Am I at the Mad Hatters Tea Party!


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Politics, Jyotiraditya Scindia, Shivraj Singh Chouhan, Madhya Pradesh Assembly elections

Madhya Pradesh Assembly elections: Why there is no room for political courtesy in the state

This is the first time that all the members of the House do not have a group photograph, usually taken on the last day of the last session.


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Lord Shiva, Politics, Hinduism, Hooliganism

The typical features of a Kanwariya today: Fear, fundamentalism and far from faith

The majority of the new-age Kanwariyas are completely derailed from the traditional understanding of the religion.


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PTI, Diplomacy, Politics, Pakistan

The Imran Khan I know is his own man

Given the history of his political rise, it is unlikely Imran will take dictation from anyone. But with opponents all around, Pakistan's Captain has a tough game before him.


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Literature, Elitism, Populism, Politics

Why a novelist within a novel, who rallied against Congress, is disappointed with BJP's rise

Amitabha Bagchi's new book Half the Night is Gone chronicles the rise of Delhi and its many cultures.


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Politics, Congress, BJP, Islam

When the iftar was just another political party

The 'political iftar' dinner was sheer tokenism, often seen as minority 'appeasement'. Its demise is fortunate – it lets ordinary Indians reclaim the iftar, rediscover true secularism.


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Bigotry, Politics, BJP, Chetan Bhagat

No Chetan Bhagat, politics is not entertainment

This is the kind of advice you would get on WhatsApp groups, from friends who think you are taking politics too seriously.


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Politics, Polls, Voting, EVM

10 reasons why blockchain can disrupt political system

Using the technology for voting in elections could promise absolute power in the hands of people.