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Postcard news, Fake news, Information and Broadcasting Ministry, Smriti Irani

Government showed its true face over circular to media

Under the guise of going after purveyors of fake news, the I&B ministry seems to be targeting anti-government journalists.


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Fake news, Mahesh Hegde, Postcard news

Why it is impossible to separate BJP from Postcard News founder

Exactly to what extent a loyal soldier of the Sangh Parivar like Mahesh Vikram Hegde will be punished is anybody’s guess.


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Karnataka, Fake news, Communal Polarisation, Postcard news

Shocking, why BJP leaders want the release of Mahesh Hegde — accused of spreading fake news

The Postcard News founder has also been charged with 'trying to promote communal enmity'.


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Postcard news, Demonetisation, Economy, Modi

It's come to this, fake news website claims PM Modi has deposited Rs 15 lakh in every account

Sad, the right-wing’s grand delusions have now trapped them within their own bubble.