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Low voter turnout, Pulwama martyrs, Pulwama terrorist attack, Lok Sabha elections 2019

Pulwama Blast, Tiny Turn-Out: Its name has been on every neta's lips. Yet, Pulwama saw no festival of democracy today

Pulwama, Ground Zero of the February 14 suicide attack in which over 40 soldiers died, goes to the polls today. But this is marked by an eerie silence, not the good cheer of voting crowds.


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Pulwama martyrs, Virat Kohli, Mahendra Singh Dhoni, Indian Cricket

India vs Australia: After Pulwama, why cricket's 'camouflage cap' seems more like official merchandise and less a homage to martyrs

No, the Indian team did not 'politicise' it. But yes, they did 'commercialise' it.


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Pulwama martyrs, Caste Census, CRPF, Caravan magazine

How a 'caste census' of Pulwama martyrs utterly disparages their sacrifice

Do patriots have a caste, creed or colour? Most certainly not. They are Indians and their loss, more than anything else, makes us realise that truth.