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Rahul Gandhi career options, Rahul gandhi controversy, Rahul gandhi resigns, Rahul gandhi resignation

RaGa Resigns: 3 alternate career options for Rahul Gandhi!

After much drama, Rahul Gandhi finally decided to call it quits as President of the Indian National Congress. Since the man has selflessly given us meme content all these years, we decided to return the favour.


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Rahul gandhi controversy, Rahul gandhi congress, Rahul gandhi resigns, Rahul gandhi resignation

Rahul Gandhi quits: But the Congress' drama still carries on. Will it get real or more surreal?

By resigning, Rahul has ended a painful version of 'Dynasty' for his party. But can the Congress now cut out the dialogues and get to real work?


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Rahul gandhi congress, Modi's mother watches oath taking, Narendra modi oath taking ceremony, Rahul gandhi sonia gandhi

Mothers and Sons: PM Modi’s swearing-in ceremony showed us two types of moms and two kinds of sons

Leaving the comfort zone of one's family nest is very hard. But PM Modi, supported by his mother Hiraben, did so. Rahul Gandhi hasn't yet.


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Rahul gandhi congress, Rahul gandhi cwc meet, Rahul gandhi resignation, Congress cwc meet

Wooing The Minority: Overlooking India's Hindu majority was only one reason why Congress missed the bus to power

The Congress has been suffering from a steady breakdown in ideological clarity for decades, evident in its confusion over secularism, appeasement politics, even Pakistan. It is now paying the price.


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Rahul gandhi resignation, Rahul gandhi congress, Congress cwc meet, Rahul gandhi cwc meet

Rahul Gandhi should not resign. He should sack the CWC

Rahul Gandhi isn't the problem with the Congress. The creaking Congress is the problem and its leadership needs to be thoroughly reinvented by Rahul.


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Rahul gandhi congress, Lok Sabha elections 2019, Congress seats elections 2019, Congress 2019 elections

Losing the Plot: From Rafale to Nyay, here's everything that went against the Congress in 2019

Today, regional parties are much more in touch with the aspirations of their voters than the Congress party. The grand old party now faces a 'do or die' moment.