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 |  5-minute read
Bollywood, Suicide, Rohith Vemula, Sushantsinghrajput

Of stars and stargazers: Rohith and Sushant, you were too bright for this world

News of Sushant Rajput’s death in times of ‘social distancing’ has shaken us not only because it is an individual tragedy, but also because it is an indication of the tragic society we inhabit.


 |  6-minute read
Mulk, Ayuhsmann khurrana, Rohith Vemula, Payal tadvi

Ayushmann Khurrana plays a 'Brahmin saviour': Decoding why Article 15 is so dicey

The movie Article 15 has generated a debate around the real Article 15 of the Constitution. Many feel this is a blessing which turned into a curse.


 |  5-minute read
Rohith Vemula, Academics4namo, 2019 general elections, Narendra Modi

Taking a pro-Modi stand: Why we are running the Academics4NaMo campaign

If some academics and opinion makers can oppose a government, then it is also their responsibility to extend support if they believe that the govt has done a good job.


 |  7-minute read
Bhima Koregaon, Gujarat Assembly polls, BR Ambedkar, Rohith Vemula

Why Dalits, youth and women are sparking mutinies in India

Yes, there will be poetry, about dark times.


 |  8-minute read
JNU, Rohith Vemula, Dalits

JNU Dalit scholar’s death is an eerie reminder of how we failed Rohith Vemula

Muthukrishnan’s last post on Facebook said ‘equality denied is everything denied’.


 |  Angiography  |  3-minute read
Beef, Mohammad Akhlaq, Dadri Lynching, Rohith Vemula

Rohith Vemula's caste, meat in Akhlaq's fridge and shame made in India

The obsession with certifying the dead man's social bracket has eerie parallels with the way 'beef' rumours killed a man in Dadri.


 |  7-minute read
Caste Discrimination, Dalit, Rohith Vemula

Rohith Vemula lived and died a Dalit

It is absurd, if not poor morality and atrocious law, to ask a dead man to prove his identity.


 |  14-minute read
Dalit politics, Caste system, BR Ambedkar, Rohith Vemula

Online diary of Rohith Vemula: Resist Sangh’s sullying of Ambedkar's legacy

[Book extract] #CasteIsNotARumour is a collation of the late Dalit icon's wonderful and moving social media posts on his political struggle.


 |  4-minute read
Rohith Vemula, Cabinet reshuffle, Smriti Irani

Why HRD ministry was snatched away from Smriti Irani

A combination of ceaseless controversies, run-ins with Amit Shah and PMO as well as an uncontrollable nature led to her downfall.


 |  7-minute read
Caste Politics, Jisha Rape, Rohith Vemula, Casteism

The return of caste and the need for recasting caste-mindscape

In the land of hundreds and thousands of Jishas and Rohith Vemulas, Tina Dabi must be celebrated but only as an exception.