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'Until we meet again,' McDonald’s tells Russia as it exits the country for good

The Ukraine-Russia war has upended a lot of progress made by not only the two countries at war but the entire world.


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How Finland and Sweden are preparing for a war with Russia

Russia wants to keep NATO from reaching its borders, but with the Ukraine invasion, it has pushed more European countries closer to the alliance.


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Vladimir putin cancer, Russiaukrainewar, Vladimirputin

Mighty Putin is fighting abdominal cancer and Parkinson's disease: What we know

Russian President Vladimir Putin is expected to go for a surgery for abdominal cancer. Putin is expected to hand over the power temporarily to ex-KGB Chief Nikolai Patrushev.


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Ukraine-Russia War LIVE Updates: US bans Russian oil, Zelenskyy says won't beg for NATO membership

The Ukraine-Russia War is changing the economic dynamics of the world in a significant way. Here are the latest updates.