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Australia, Scott morrison, Aleksander vucic, Australian Open

The Serbia vs Australia war over Novak Djokovic: Who said what

Novak Djokovic's visa issue has escalated into a political storm as Serbia's President pledges to 'fight for Novak'. Djokovic was earlier allowed to compete in the Australian Open on a highly controversial Covid-19 vaccine exemption.


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Yoshihide suga, Scott morrison, Joe Biden, Narendra Modi

Why the Chinese Covid vaccine may turn Quad's efforts to deter China

While the race to the vaccine may have complicated matters for the Quad, it is certainly possible that future Quad efforts can bring about great positive change.


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Narendra Modi, Scott morrison, Ceca, India-australiaties

When PM Modi met Morrison, virtually

The decision to go ahead with the virtual summit is an important signal that both nations don’t want the present momentum in the bilateral relationship to get disrupted.