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 |  16-minute read
Women's Safey, Sexual Abuse, Sexual predators, Sexual harassment at the workplace

From pinched bottoms to bruised souls: When will Indian society let even one woman say, no, not MeToo?

Uncles, doctors, professors, strangers — we've all had predators violating us time and again. I have, too. And we've often failed to retaliate the right way. I have, too. This is my story.


 |  6-minute read
Sexual harassment at the workplace, Sexual assault, #MeToo, MJ Akbar

MeToo: MJ Akbar, my friend whom I admired, and for whom I now have some advice

The editor-writer-politician was once an awe-inspiring figure. Today, hit by a series of serious harassment charges, he evokes the opposite response.


 |  5-minute read
Crimes against Women, Rape, Sexual harassment at the workplace, #MeToo

Six #MeToo stories you will not read about on the Internet

I know more women who did not take to their computers when the #MeToo conversation broke out, than those I read online.