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Sacred forest, Magic, Wildlife, Shillong

Why I believe a witch knew the magic of Meghalaya's Sacred Forest

The forest is an intrinsic part of the old culture of the East Khasi Hills, and the very heart of the magic which shrouds Meghalaya.


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Northeast, Meghalaya, Dalit sikhs attacked, Shillong

Now, Christians attack Dalit Sikhs in Shillong. Pray tell, where is the outrage?

The trouble reflects a bigger malaise that India suffers from - majoritarianism.


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Swachh Bharat, Beef, Shillong, Meghalaya

7 reasons Meghalaya is much more than rain and nature

From being India's rock capital to the pioneer of Swachh Bharat, the Northeastern state has a lot to her credit.


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Shillong, Twitter, APJ Abdul Kalam

Nation mourns death of former President APJ Abdul Kalam

He breathed his last in Shillong late Monday evening.