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Fake social media influencer, Bizarre social media post, Social media influencer, Instagram influencer name

From posing in front of forest fire to taking pics with casket, 5 times influencers went too far

Social media influencing is a full time career now. But many times the social media stars cross the line and land up in controversies. Here are 5 such incidents.


 |  #PostcardsFromParas  |  4-minute read
Tiktok, Instagrammers, Social media influencer, Instagram

Instagram to remove 'likes' and video view counts: Is this social media's demonetisation moment?

But, do we 'like' this new idea from Instagram?


 |  3-minute read
Social media posts, Social media influencer, Instagram, Murder Investigation

No Snow Whites here: Bianca Devins murder made social media a mirror, we are all evil

There is no use pinning the fallout on Instagram or Discord because the fault lies in all of us.


 |  2-minute read
What is sexy, Popularity, Sensuality, Sexy

From Marilyn Monroe to Olivia Culpo, a brief history of what is 'sexy.'

Today, the infinity pool is as important for aesthetics as the bikini you’re stepping out of it in. Who would've thought?