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Social media hatred, Depression, Drug Abuse, Rapes

Netflix deleting the 'suicide' scene from 13 Reasons Why is proof that it never understood the show!

As we continued to applaud Netflix for taking a stand even as criticism poured in on social media, it was actually just riding on the success of the show.


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Loneliness, Suicides in india, Depression, Mental Health

Start talking, and listening, about loneliness

Anupam Kher's video urges Indians to discuss being alone, afraid, depressed. But we must also learn to listen, to each other's speech, and to our silences.


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Suicides in india, Teen suicide, Class 10 board exams, CBSE Results

3 Class 10 students kill themselves after CBSE results: How we have failed our children

A society which makes a child believe that life is not worth living if the scores in an exam are low, is a failed society.