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Flipkart-Walmart deal, Swadeshi Jagaran Manch, Suresh Prabhu, Narendra Modi

Is the government distancing itself from the Flipkart-Walmart deal?

The mega deal comes surrounded by its fair share of controversies.


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ML Khattar, Yogi Adityanath, Suresh Prabhu, Modi government

Haryana riots, Gorakhpur tragedy, rail mishaps: Modi govt has a new scapegoat for every tragedy

The least that the present government can do is to follow what it asked the UPA to do.


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Train derailment, Railways, Suresh Prabhu, Utkal

Railway resignations are severely dodging the issue of safety and development

Amid the calls for fixing accountability, one wonders where are the voices that speak of the need for fixing faults.


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Resignation, Indian Railways, Kaifiyat Express, Suresh Prabhu

Train accidents expose systemic rot. Railway minister resigning will solve nothing

Safety on the vast Indian Railways network is the hugely vexing end-product of an unlikely fusion of its varied parts.


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Kalinga Utkal Express, Kaifiyat Express, Suresh Prabhu, Indian Railways

Two train accidents in a week should make Suresh Prabhu hang his head in shame

After the Kalinga-Utkal Express derailment in Muzaffarnagar, we have unforgivable scenes from Kaifiyat Express going off-track in Uttar Pradesh.


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Modi, Derailment, Kalinga Utkal Express, Railways

Utkal Express derailment: How railway minister let senior officials off the hook

Suresh Pabhu was not only absolving himself of all moral responsibility, but also his blue-eyed railway board chairman.


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Suresh Prabhu, Modi, Derailment, Kalinga Utkal Express

India’s train tragedies are derailing lives, economics and common sense

The horror is still understated, and the politics over dead bodies ever so shrill.


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Suresh Prabhu, Indian Railways, Catering scam

Rs 972 for 100 grams of curd smells like a scam: Indian Railways can't pass this off as typo

The RTI revelations couldn't have come at a worse time with the debts rising and efficiency worsening.


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Suresh Prabhu, Indian Railways

Budget merger either a boon for Railways or disaster for Jaitley

Despite all efforts, minister Suresh Prabhu could not improve finances of the behemoth.


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Suresh Prabhu, Indian Railways, Surge Pricing

How surge pricing in train tickets will affect you

Interestingly, railways minister Suresh Prabhu had ruled out a fare hike in his Budget speech.