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Game changer: Telangana to begin regulating crop pattern

Following herd mentality, farmers produce the same crop. The KCR government move is to make the farmers produce what the market wants.


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Telangana firmly on the path of development as Andhra deals with past TDP mistakes

The TRS government is balancing development and welfare. YSR Congress is busy fixing problems created by its predecessor.


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Decoding Jagan’s aye and KCR’s nay for Citizenship (Amendment) Act

Jagan’s assent, KCR’s dissent and Chandrababu Naidu’s inconsequential support for the CAA need to be evaluated in the light of the states’ politics.


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Why people celebrating the Hyderabad encounter should worry the judiciary

The public celebrating the extra-judicial killings goes on to show the poor faith they have in the judicial system.


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Why BJP loses out in the south: Why Narendra Modi's saffron party is unable to cross the Vindhyas in victory

Powerful local players. Rooted regional sensitivities. A host of political miscalculations. And an inability to catch the pulse of the South. All this has limited the Modi Wave to the north of India.


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Lok Sabha 2019: Where the Modi Wave hit a wall. Why South India votes differently

Despite the thumping majority in the Hindi heartland, the BJP has been shown the door in most of the states south of the Vindhyas. Why is it proving hard for the lotus to bloom down south?


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In the Pink: Telangana could be painted totally in the TRS colour in the upcoming LS polls

The Telangana electoral landscape has been painted pink — TRS party's signature colour — while it just has some sporadic patches of tricolour — representing the Congress.


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Assembly Polls 2018: India deserves more than empty promises from its politicians

Come December 11 when the results come, people of India will lose and the netas will win as there is no way all that's been promised can be implemented.


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How KCR is betting on sop-saturation strategy to take on the 'Praja Kutami'

Another term is not only what KCR has his eyes on. He wants his son KTR to slip into the saddle.


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Telangana Assembly Election 2018: Why Chandrababu Naidu does not want to bargain hard with Congress

Naidu is eyeing a grand alliance in Telangana which will provide him mileage in both Lok Sabha 2019 and Andhra Pradesh Assembly elections.