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NIA, Anti-terror sqad, Terrorist attack, Amit shah home minister

Because individuals can be terrorists too: Why India needs UAPA Amendment Bill 2019

We face highly complex new security challenges today. These cannot be tackled effectively with old and clumsy machinery. The UAPA Amendments are definitely the right move.


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Terror attack, Terrorist attack, National investigation agency

Amit Shah must know amending the NIA Act and UAPA is not enough to counter terrorism

The National Investigation Agency (Amendment) Bill was passed by Rajya Sabha. But India's ant-terrorism policy has many loopholes.


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Terrorist attack, Anantnag, Muhammad mir, Jammu and Kashmir

A Decision Most Strange: BJP leader’s brutal killing in J&K exposes deadly negligence in understanding security threats

It is said even the Raj Bhavan is displeased at the way security cover to key persons in the Valley was revoked. However, the choice of probe has raised even more questions in Kashmir.