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Theresa May, Scotland, UK, European Union

Britain votes for Brexit

Even as Britain has signalled that it wants the Brexit turmoil to end, the UK’s political future remains a matter of contestation.


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European Union, Jeremy corbyn, Theresa May, Brexit

British PM Theresa May survives no-confidence vote, will Brexit survive too?

Here’s what can happen to the deal now.


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No-deal brexit, European Union, Brexit referendum, Theresa May

Is Britain hurtling towards a suicidal no-deal Brexit? The signs are many, none of them good

The drama is devoid of all sobriety and staidness, which, we were told, were enduring characteristics of British politics.


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Misogyny, Theresa May, Jeremy corbyn, Sexism

The jury's out on whether Jeremy Corbyn called Theresa May a ‘stupid woman’. But those outraged by it really must look east

Here are five distinct shades of sexism shown by our own politicians that the British can learn from. It's time we took on the Brown Man's Burden.


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European Union, UK, Brexit, Theresa May

Why I think Theresa May's Brexit press conference was repetitive

Will there be a second referendum? PM May says 'no'. Others are not sure.


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Margaret thatcher, Britain, Brexit, Theresa May

Theresa May: Cricketing metaphors and the end of Prime Ministerial innings

It was a cricketing metaphor used by Geoffrey Howe that was the undoing of the more long lasting Margaret Thatcher government.


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Theresa May, Angela Merkel, Western europe, China

Islam and Islamophobia – and why the Left has got it wrong both in China and Western Europe

There are reports of over a million Uyghurs Muslims being held in Chinese re-education camps where they are subjected to cultural humiliation for their religious beliefs.


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Theresa May, Immigration, Visa rules for students, UK

My London degree, life plans, and Theresa May

The PM is okay letting international students in, as long as they can pay the fee. She just doesn’t want them to stick around.


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Republic day parade, Theresa May, Britain visit, Donald Trump

US President could be India’s R Day guest: Will our welcome trump the Britons’?

Donald Trump’s visit to Britain has so far been a ballooning up of embarrassments.


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Theresa May, Vijay Mallya, Sushma Swaraj, Narendra Modi

Why Modi's blunt retort to Theresa May on Indian jails is significant

Indian PM was right to give Britain a firm reminder of its colonial past.