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Tiger poaching, Leopard deaths, Anupam tripathi, Wildlife Protection Act

The Supreme Court asks Centre to start Project Leopard. After our tiger tales, we can only hold our breath

With poachers being exonerated, man-wildlife conflict rising and the habitat degrading, are we turning deaf to the rapidly muting roars of the big cats?


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Uttarakhand, Maneater Tiger, Tigers, Jim Corbett

Why legend of Jim Corbett is inextricably woven into Kumaon's folklore

'Carpet Sahib' is a household name in these hills.


 |  6-minute read
Wildlife, Madhya Pradesh, Tigers

Why tigers no longer roar in Madhya Pradesh

The state, once home to the largest tiger population in India, has earned the dubious distinction of recording maximum tiger deaths in 2016.


 |  3-minute read
Ranthambore, Tigers

Queen of Ranthambore, Machli, most photographed tigress dies

Grief on Twitter as one of the oldest living tigresses in the world breathes her last.


 |  1-minute read
Tigers, Cruelty To Animals

Images of 40 dead tiger cubs found in freezer in Thai temple are heartbreaking

This is our collective shame.


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Tigers, Incredible India, ‚ÄéConservation, Project Tiger

Tiger is not the only animal that needs saving

There is a need to examine alternate conservation methods instead of putting all the resources into rescuing one animal.


 |  9-minute read
Tigers, Project Tiger, Save The Tiger, Modi

If Modi is serious about saving India's tigers, he must read this

Ahead of the Asia Ministerial Conference on Tiger Conservation, suggestions for PM.


 |  Wild Ways  |  5-minute read
Republic Day, Conservation, Lions, Tigers

India is not a Republic for all species

Lions, tigers and other beautiful creatures in the wild are not just national decorations.


 |  Wild Ways  |  6-minute read
Tigers, Leopards, Intolerance

Why does nobody talk about intolerance towards wild animals?

A tiger was jailed just for existing, and another leopard will now be caught for the 'crime' of being spotted.


 |  6-minute read
Ken-Bitwa project, Panna tiger reserve, Tigers

India's first river linking project will drown its precious tigers

The ambitious plan will obliterate over 200sqkm of the Panna tiger reserve and all the wildlife within it.