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Narendra modi divider in chief, Time magazine divider in chief, Time magazine, Time magazine narendra modi

‘Divider in chief’: Time and again, Time Magazine has targeted Indian Prime Ministers from the BJP. Why do they get so unnerved?

Why does Time Magazine in particular get under the skin of BJP politicians when, in fact, it mostly states the known about Indian Prime Ministers? Its latest issue is no exception. Neither is the furor over it.


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Sachin Tendulkar, Virat Kohli, Time magazine, 100 most influential people

Will Virat Kohli surpass the Time profile written by Sachin Tendulkar?

As always, the comparisons are rife, and the detractors are out — everything goes, from runs and records to words and expressions.  


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#MeToo, Donald Trump, Person of the year, Time magazine

Kudos! Time gives #MeToo movement its due by crowning ‘The Silence Breakers’ as Person of the Year

It’s a slap in the face of sexual predators like Harvey Weinstein and Donald Trump, as well as their cheerleaders.


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Person of the year, Twitter Trolls, Time magazine, Donald Trump

Forget Time magazine, Twitter won't allow Trump to become Person of the Year

The US' president's obsession with being on the magazine's cover has the social networking site in splits.


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Cyberbullying, Free Speech, Time magazine, Gurmehar Kaur

Time magazine honouring Gurmehar Kaur shows conviction trumps cacophony

The DU student who was threatened for expressing her views is a role model for young Indians.


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Poll, Person of the year, Time magazine, Narendra Modi

Why are bhakts celebrating Modi Time’s Person of the Year popular vote

We need to ask ourselves, why we are overjoyed when the PM aces a poll conducted by a famous Western magazine, but go ballistic when he’s criticised.


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Time magazine, Mark Zuckerberg, Modi suit, Narendra Modi

Instances which prove Modi’s self-obsession

Development has taken a back seat while the PM is busy with photo shoots.


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Hollywood, Quantico, Time magazine, Priyanka Chopra

Is Priyanka Chopra influential enough to be on Time cover?

It's embarrassing to see the height to which a good publicist can take an average actor and the depth to which credible journalism can fall for it.


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Time magazine, Uncle Sam, Donald Trump

11 reasons why the bald eagle attacked Donald Trump

It would seem that 'Uncle Sam' was forewarning and acting on behalf of the United States of America!