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 |  3-minute read
Millennials, Rahul Gandhi, Narendra Modi, Lok Sabha elections 2019

Lok Sabha 2019: Are the elections affecting your dating life?

It is, and you didn't even know it!


 |  Below The Belt  |  7-minute read
Infidelity, Tinder, Open marriage, Marriage

A Nice State of Affairs: When you find your ‘happily-married’ man friend on a hook-up app

Open relationships are quite in vogue, I am told these days. And, yet something snaps in me when the word ‘nice’ is used to describe the woman he is ‘cheating on!’


 |  Below The Belt  |  5-minute read
Dating apps, Online Dating, Tinder, Valentine's Day

Why I began to look for love by logging out from Tinder

My heart was broken for doing what I always have. Loving too hard. And searching for such love.


 |  5-minute read
Narendra Modi, BJP, Bajrang Dal, UK

Tudder is the Tinder for cows: This Valentine's Day, will the real gau rakshak please stand up?

Called Tudder, the application is essentially Tinder for cows, promising them virtually unlimited partners to breed (read: hook up). Culture police says, not cool.


 |  6-minute read
Relationships, Tinder, Chat room, Sexting

How I, a picture-perfect housewife, turned into a sex-chat addict

This 36-year-old's 'virtual escapades' turned her into the woman she always aspired to be! Read on.


 |  4-minute read
Gender minorities, Dating, Transgender, Tinder

Beyond vanilla 'sex': Tinder introduces 23 genders to choose from

The move will generate more conversation about different identities, creating more awareness, and hopefully, more acceptance of these.


 |  4-minute read
Cambridge Analytica, Mark Zuckerberg, Data Privacy, Tinder

Will dating feature make Facebook a major threat to data privacy?

More than anything, it appears to be a new trick to gather more personal and intimate data about users.


 |  6-minute read
Dating, Tinder

Using technology to find romance, sex or desire is not lazy

With over 160 million smartphone users, India is one of the largest and most exciting markets in the world for apps like Tinder.


 |  Miscellany  |  4-minute read
Relationships, Tinder, Dating

Hook-ups are easy today, love is not

The culture brought about by online apps can be poisonous for someone looking to settle down.


 |  3-minute read
Tinder, Online Dating

Can dating apps like Tinder find you true love?

More people suffer from loneliness now than ever before.