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Thanksgiving meal, Turkey, Christmas dinner

Turkey is the star of every Christmas meal. Why is everyone obsessed with it?

Turkey is the talk of the town during Christmas and Thanksgiving. Here is how the Big Bird took over all the dining tables in the West.


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Turkey, Kemal atatürk, Hagiasophia

How Hagia Sophia reflects the political trajectory of Turkey

Converting the Hagia Sophia Mosque, earlier a church, into a museum in 1935 was Kemal Atatürk’s way of resolving a centuries-old tussle between the two Semitic faiths.


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Sultan erdogan, Unesco World Heritage site, Turkey, Hagiasophia

Hagia Sophia: Erdogan's dream is Turkey's nightmare

Hagia Sophia is back to being a mosque effective July 11. It is no longer a museum as Kemal Ataturk, the father of Modern Turkey, wished it.


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Harvest festival, American television, Turkey, Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving 2018: Why it's not for Indians

Thanksgiving to an American TV series is what Karva Chauth is to an Indian serial — a mechanism to churn out more episodes, more drama.


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US, Donald Trump, Saudi Arabia, Turkey

A tipping point: The Khashoggi killing is the blurring of global moral values and principles

Even as the world is shocked by the brutal murder, will ethical guidelines followed by nations be "trumped" now by geopolitical and energy considerations?


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Turkey, Mohammed bin salman, Saudi Arabia, Jamal khashoggi

How the horrific killing of Jamal Khashoggi will damage Saudi Arabia, but benefit Turkey

Turkish authorities have revealed that Khashoggi’s body was cut into pieces by Saudi prince Mohammed bin Salman’s top aide.


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Erdogan, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Jamal khashoggi

The mysterious ‘killing’ of top Saudi journalist and what it means for the Middle-East

Jamal Khashoggi, who was last seen entering the Consulate on Tuesday, is believed to have been murdered by Saudi agents.


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India, Erdogan, Turkey, Democracy

Why liberal democracy loves its strongmen

From Turkey to Russia to the Philippines, democratic structures world over are crumbling.


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Kurds, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Syria, Turkey

Why Turkish military has pushed into Syria against Kurdish forces

Washington's support to the Kurds has become a major sticking point in Turkey-US relations.


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Civil War, Racep Tayyip Erdogan, Coup Attempt, Turkey

Is Turkey heading towards a civil war?

It has issued a decree granting sweeping immunity to civilians who suppressed the coup bid against Erdogan government.