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Tamil Nadu, DMK, AIADMK, Violence

Those who lost their loved ones in Tuticorin police firing deserve answers

Why did civilian protesters face police firing, many losing their lives, others, their limbs? Isn't the system meant to protect the vulnerable, not attack them?


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SC, Copper plant, #NGT, Sterlite

Sterlite case: Why the people of Tuticorin feel let down by the NGT's order

On May 22, the coastal town of Tuticorin changed forever after ghastly police firing on the 100th day of protests against Vedanta’s Sterlite copper plant. Many lost their limbs, livelihoods and loved ones. Now, the NGT wants Sterlite to reopen.


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Anti-BJP slogans, Tamilisai soundararajan, Fascist bjp, Tuticorin

Why I think Lois Sophia shouting ‘Fascist BJP down down’ was a grave mistake

Raising slogans on board a flight is pure anarchy.


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Tamilisai soundararajan, BJP, Tuticorin, Lois sophia

Why Lois Sophia calling BJP 'fascist' on board a flight to Tuticorin is an act of anarchy

Air safety rules clearly state that verbal intimidation in a flight is a punishable offence.


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Police Firing, Vedanta sterlite, Tamil Nadu, Tuticorin

Don't allow them to justify the killing of Tuticorin protesters in the name of development

The incident threatens the very ethos of our democracy.


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Gaza, Kashmir, Police Firing, Tuticorin

Why the image of man in a yellow shirt with a sniper shooting at Tuticorin protesters will haunt us

As in Gaza, or in Kashmir, police firing seems to be almost always done to shoot and kill.


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Pollution, Tamil Nadu, Anti-sterlite protests, Tuticorin

How police firing on anti-Sterlite protesters has left Tuticorin bleeding

The situation in the entire city is grim, violence erupting every now and then.