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Karan Johar, UNSC, India China border dispute, Galwanvalley

DailyOh! The proof that Galwan Valley belongs to India, not China

China itself signed on the evidence in 1993.


 |  Musings from afar  |  4-minute read
UNSC, Wuhan, Russia, Indo-China ties

How India is adjusting to the global power shifts

If China has a strategy of containing India, then New Delhi can challenge Beijing’s core interests. Alliance with Russia could come in handy.


 |  3-minute read
Diplomacy, Article 370, Kashmir, UNSC

Checkmate, Pakistan: How India has successfully changed the strategic dynamics over Kashmir

After Pulwama, India changed its Kashmir policy, going on the offensive. This rattled Pakistan. But it's been even worse hit by international support for India on removing Article 370.


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China backing pak terrorism, UNSC, Masood Azhar, China-Pakistan

After shielding Masood Azhar: Parroting 'peace' won't make China a peacenik ever

China's support to Pakistan in protecting the terrorist JeM chief has changed all the rules of engagement between India and China.


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Security Council, Masood Azhar, UNSC, China

China shielding terrorist Masood Azhar is predictable. The world supporting India has been greatly heartening

By choosing to stand with Pakistan's top terrorists, China has chosen to isolate itself from the world. India has emerged as a rallying point and must use this moment well.


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UNSC, Pulwama, Masood Azhar, Indo-China ties

Great Wall of India: How we can punish China for its Masood Azhar slight, and its attempt to interfere in our elections

China has delivered a blow to the bilateral relationship with its support to terrorist Masood Azhar and tried to meddle in our elections by spiting Narendra Modi, There are strong steps India can take to avenge this.


 |  4-minute read
UNSC, China, Pakistan, India

India is wasting time to get UN to list Masood Azhar as global terrorist

It will only play well with the domestic audience, but won't make any difference on the ground.


 |  5-minute read
Commonwealth, Theresa May, UNSC, Brexit

India's Brexit opportunity: Can claim UN Security Council seat

India has wasted years lobbying politely to take its rightful place at the table, but it can now make an irrefutable moral and political case to supplant Britain.


 |  6-minute read
Narendra Modi, UNSC, India-Africa Summit

How China and Pakistan almost scuttled India's bid for Security Council seat

If the declaration comes, seeking 'expansion in both categories' will be warmly welcomed after two-decade long intense drama.


 |  IST  |  4-minute read
UNSC, Diplomacy, India-Africa Summit

Why we must not take the India-Africa Summit 2015 any less lightly

Feting more than 50 African leaders in one room is one good way of telling the world that India cannot be ignored for much longer.