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Us-north korea, Kim Jong-un, Donald Trump, Trump-kim summit

How will the historic Trump-Kim Jong-un meeting change things?

Nothing untoward even happened.


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Us-north korea, Donald Trump, Singapore summit, Kim Jong-un

Why does Kim Jong-Un have a personal toilet? The world wants to know

North Korea apparently believes its leader doesn't poop.


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Us-north korea, Singapore summit, Donald Trump, Kim Jong-un

Winner takes all – Sentosa Summit was a win-win for one

President Donald Trump made an effort to overcome the hurdles that led to the Singapore Summit between him and DPRK Chairman Kim Jong Un. But the meeting's big winner wasn’t Trump – it was Kim.  


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Nuclear disarmament, Kim Jong-un, Donald Trump, Us-north korea

Summit cancelled but Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un may still spring a surprise

For countries like India, already hit by rising oil prices after the US walked out of the Iran N-deal, tension in the Korean Peninsula will makes matters worse.


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Nuclear disarmament, Us-north korea, Trump-kim jong-un

Implications of Donald Trump cancelling North Korea summit with Kim Jong-un

The US president must understand that at times diplomacy is also about losing a battle to win a war.