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Donald Trump, Us presidential elections 2020, Indian-Americans, Kamala harris

Why Kamala Harris for US President: The world must root for this candidate in the US presidential battle

Kamala Harris has made her racial identity central to her campaign. Like Barack Obama, she shows both audacity and hope. The world has never needed both more.


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Democrat, Donald Trump, Us presidential elections 2020, Tulsi gabbard

How Tulsi Gabbard is prepping for the US presidential election in 2020

The first Hindu to run for the top job in the US is totally at ease with handshakes and namastes and floats around crowds, equally comfortable with hi, hello and Aloha!


 |  8-minute read
Donald Trump, Kamala harris, Democrats, Us presidential elections 2020

Kamala Harris looks at becoming the first woman and Indian-African origin US President

Democrat Senator with Indian roots, Kamala Harris is all set to take on Donald Trump in America's 2020 Presidential Elections. And there are kaapi tumblers being raised in a warming toast to her in Chennai.