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Vijay Rupani, Donald Trump, WHO, Vinaydubey

DailyOh! Why Trump won’t give WHO cotton and linen, to who is Vinay Dubey, the man held for Mumbai migrant trouble

Here’s the truth about US paper money that WHO can’t let go of.


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BJP, Chief Minister, Vijay Rupani, Gujarat Polls

What the grand swearing-in ceremony of Vijay Rupani as Gujarat CM says about BJP

Bihar CM Nitish Kumar flying down to Ahmedabad to attend the ceremony is a big deal.


 |  8-minute read
Narendra Modi, Vijay Rupani, Himachal elections, Gujarat Polls

Why choosing chief ministers for Gujarat and Himachal is BJP's new headache

Modi and Amit Shah have to pick leaders who will lead the party into the 2019 Lok Sabha polls, help retain the 2014 footprint and ensure wins in 2022.


 |  7-minute read
Smriti Irani, Chief Minister, Gujarat Assembly elections, Vijay Rupani

Why BJP is unlikely to make Vijay Rupani Gujarat CM again

One of the contenders and the wild card entrant for this post is believed to be Smriti Irani.


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Narendra Modi, Anandiben Patel, Vijay Rupani, Gujarat Polls

7 challenges BJP faces in Gujarat Assembly elections

Besides threatening to weaken the grip of Modi and Shah on the party, a loss will have a bearing on the subsequent polls.


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BJP, Gujarat, Vijay Rupani

Why Modi-Shah picked Vijay Rupani as new Gujarat CM

He is a consummate political player and master of electoral planning.


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Gujarat, Amit Shah, Vijay Rupani

Vijay Rupani’s crowning as Gujarat CM proves only Amit Shah calls the shots

Despite stiff resistance from Anandiben Patel, her protégé Nitin Patel and once a clear frontrunner, was made the deputy.


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BJP, Amit Shah, Gujarat Polls, Vijay Rupani

Vijay Rupani as Gujarat CM is a disaster waiting to blow up in BJP's face

It must be remembered that Amit Shah has always aspired to be in the saddle in Gandhinagar.


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Modi government, Gujarat Polls, Vijay Rupani

Inside story of how Vijay Rupani became Gujarat CM

Amit Shah bulldozed Anandiben Patel's plans to elect her successor.


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Gujarat, Vijay Rupani

Everything you want to know about Gujarat's new CM Vijay Rupani

Nitin Patel, the health and family welfare minister, has been made the Deputy CM.